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We sell and install a variety of popular South Florida grasses: St. Augustine, Bahia and Zoysia. Each has its own unique characteristics and is best suited to specific environments.

St. Augustine

st_augSt. Augustine grass is widely adapted to the warm, humid (subtropical) regions of the world. It is the most commonly used lawngrass throughout the state. It can grow satisfactorily in a wide variety of soils.

St. Augustine grass produces an emerald-green, dense turf that is well adapted to most soils and climatic regions of Florida. It has relatively good salt tolerance and possesses good shade tolerance. Establishment of St. Augustine grass from sod is quick and easy.



Bahia grass is a popular low-maintenance lawngrass. It forms an extensive root system, which makes it one of our most drought-tolerant grasses. It performs well in sandy soils and does not require high inputs of fertilizers. It does not form excessive thatch. It has relatively few disease problems. Bahia grass does not tolerate shade.

Due to its rapid lateral spread via aggressive rhizome production it is primarily used in areas where erosion control and immediate ground cover are the main concern. It is frequently planted on roadsides and highway rights of way because it has good drought tolerance. In addition, bahiagrass has the ability to tolerate a wide range of soils.



zoysiaZoysia grass, although commonly used on golf courses, can provide a beautiful turf for your yard. Zoysia requires a higher level of maintenance and is vulnerable to weeds, but when properly maintained, Zoysia grass makes and excellent turf.

Sod Pricing
Type Price
Per Pallet
St. Augustine $140 500 sq feet
Bahia $180 400 sq feet
Zoysia $180 400 sq feet
$1.00 per piece, covers 2.5 sq ft
Delivery and Installation (all types)
Prep and Grade $100
Installation $80 (includes delivery)
Delivery Only $40 (varies by zip code)